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About Us

We are Lexidy Law Boutique SLP, and we are a team of dedicated lawyers who can help you in various civil law matters, among which inheritance and will preparation. We are here to help you understand your rights when you are the single heir or when you need to share your right to an inheritance to one or more relatives.

Our website targets to answer all your questions related to the inheritance legislation and where it does not reply to all of them, we are at your disposal with tailored answers. Before delving in what we can do for you and why you should choose us, we would like to present our team:

Federico Richardson Alborna who is the founder of Lexidy Law Boutique SLP and who is also a member of the Bar Association in Barcelona. He specializes in real estate legislation which is very useful to those who have inherited various types of properties. Federico speaks Spanish and English, therefore, he can be of assistance to clients who are not familiar with the Spanish language.

Laura Fusté is from Barcelona. She started her law career with a law degree from the University of Barcelona and since then she has been working in various law firms to develop her career. Laura had the opportunity to spend four months in Nepal as a volunteer, during her studies, which developed her interest in international relations and Immigration Law. Now at Lexidy, she is part of the Immigration Department. She is also a member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB). Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. The support of Laura Fusté at Lexidy Law Boutique SLP is recommended to international clients looking for professionalism.

Antonio Torres Valdés is one of our most appreciated lawyers who specializes in corporate and real estate matters. He makes a good team with Pina and can provide assistance in immigration issues, as well. Antonio speaks Spanish and English, but also French.

We are affiliated with various associations

In its desire to offer impeccable services, Lexidy Law Boutique SLP has become a member of various organizations in Spain and other European countries. Among these the German-Spanish Association of Lawyers (Deutsch-Spanische Juristenvereinigung eV Hispano-German Association of Jurists), the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB – Il Lustre Col-Legi de L’advocacia de Barcelona),  the IMC, the Sweden – Spain Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona (Camara de Comercio Hispano – Sueca de Barcelona) and the International Bar Association.

Services provided by our inheritance lawyers in Spain

The Civil Code is the main law that provides for inheritances in Spain. When drafting a will or testament which is a closer term to the Spanish “testamento”, we recommend you use our services which are available for the citizens of this country but also for those who have moved or plan on moving here.

We are committed to helping each client obtain the desired results, which is why we come to your aid with a wide range of legal services related to inheritance in Spain. Among these, we mention the following:

  1. assistance in drafting various types of wills in accordance with the Spanish legislation;
  2. legal advice related to obtaining an inheritance in Spain (our services are available in various cities);
  3. providing information on the taxation of inheritance in accordance with the national legislation;
  4. tailored advice for foreign citizens coming to Spain to obtain their inheritance;
  5. assistance in litigation related to inheritance (will contestation and legal representation in court).

No matter the type of legal service you need, our lawyers are at your disposal with customized advice once they have all the facts from you. As we mentioned above, if you need help in making a will in Spain, we can help you prepare various types of testaments that meet all the requirements to be validated.

Why choose our team of Spanish lawyers?

Our team of lawyers specializes in various areas of the law, one of the most important one being the Civil Code which is quite extensive because it contains provisions on multiple legal matters, among which inheritance in Spain. You can trust us with the creation of wills, among which the open and the closed testament, are the most employed in this country. We will provide all the information you need to know in order to choose the type of will that suits you best.

If you find yourself in the position of claiming various rights related to an inheritance, or on the contrary, you want to contest a will, our lawyers can help in such matters too. Furthermore, the inheritance tax in Spain can be explained in detail by one of our lawyers, so that you know exactly the amount you will be due when taking possession of inherited goods.

Below, we provide some useful information on how an inheritance is divided under Spanish law. It should be noted that 50% of the estate will go to the surviving spouse, in case of married persons, while the other 50% can is divided among the remaining heirs, as it follows:

  • 1/3rd is divided between the living children of the testator;
  • 1/3rd is reserved for living children but can be distributed based on specific instructions;
  • 1/3rd of the estate can be disposed of as the testator wishes;
  • in case the testator has no children, the living parents can be entitled to 1/3rd of it if there is a survivor spouse, or half of it if there is no other spouse.

For complete information on the Inheritance Law in Spain, please contact our lawyers.